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High Times Manifesto

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The purpose of High Times is, and has always been, to connect people to the plant. For more than 45 years we’ve been fueled by the simple belief that the cannabis movement is about, and should focus on, the community. That’s why we believe our expansion efforts should come from those who have cemented our place in history — our loyal High Times fans, cannabis enthusiasts, and early believers.

We also believe that owning and profiting off of stock shouldn’t be just for suits. Now, through our Regulation A+ campaign, you don’t need one. Anyone can purchase shares of High Times today for as little as $550 using only your credit/debit card, ACH, bank wire or your IRA Account. Own your own share ahead of our anticipated public listing.


Share Price


Minimum Investment

Assumes 11:1 forward split which has been approved and is effective at closing of offering.


What we do

Founded in 1974

Revenue Sources






2020 Projects

1 High Times Delivery Service in California with over 50% statewide coverage

3 States (MI, IL & FL) where licensed High Times dispensaries will be located

10 Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Editions

12 Owned and operated retail dispensaries in California

High Times’ legendary print magazine, wide array of online platforms, and rapidly expanding Cannabis Cup festivals represent the essence of cannabis - our quintessential brand — a trailblazer for cannabis culture that many turned to for support, education, and community since 1974.


High Times The Cannabis Industry and Market Opportunity

When we took the reins of High Times, we saw the unique opportunity to take the iconic brand to the next level.

To get back to our roots as a cornerstone voice for the cannabis community, we’ve expanded our digital presence to build a strong following of nearly 10 million followers on our social media channels and over 150 million monthly impressions across our digital platforms.

As we’ve been building a digital empire, we’ve also been quietly creating a robust music festival brand across the US and around the world, expecting 20 events globally next year. Our iconic Cannabis Cup festivals offer the ultimate cannabis experience, connecting the community at all corners and partnering with world-class performers from every genre.

Cannabis connects people across generations, cultures, and demographics—and High Times is the bridge that brings the community together under one roof. With humble beginnings in 1974, we’ve traversed a tough landscape.

Now, we’re proud of the High Times name and the brand it represents, and we want you to take part in our success.

Expanding Legalization of Cannabis

Being the most well-known brand in the space, we believe the High Times brand carries strong economic prospects and opportunity in the rapidly expanding legalized cannabis markets.

Momentum is building in the United States, with support for marijuana legalization at an all-time high, and the list of legal states is growing with every election cycle. The cannabis industry at a glance is:

Market Growth

Market Growth Chart

In California alone, cannabis is expected to be a $6.6 billion industry by 2020, with the US market projected to exceed $23 billion--a huge increase from $3.4 billion in 2015.

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How We Generate Revenue

Highest Regarded News Source in the Cannabis Industry

Due to our iconic history with the cannabis community, the High Times brand is ripe for monetization opportunities within brand licensing and e-commerce segments. The brand has just announced its first flagship dispensaries in two of the largest cannabis markets in the country, and plans to license its name to outside brands or developers for lifestyle locations like hotels or lounges .

International expansion of the High Times brand and platforms is set to continue as marijuana legalization sweeps across the globe.

To further extend our enormous reach across the cannabis community, we have recently announced our plans to open High Times branded dispensaries and a Delivery Service in California. We have also begun to license the High Times name to strong multi-state operators in other states.

30 MIllion Cannabis Enthusiasts in America
High Times Family of Brands

Digital Publishing, our free, ad-supported platform, receives millions of unique visitors monthly and,the hub of our live events, is the largest cannabis event network in the world. Together, these sites represent one of the largest networks of cannabis consumers in the world.

High Times Digital Media

The Cannabis Cup

For over 30 years, the High Times’ Cannabis Cup™ has been the world’s leading marijuana trade show. Having created the competition model in Amsterdam back in the 1980’s, each event celebrates the world of cannabis through world-renowned competitions, instructional seminars, expositions, concerts, product showcases, and celebrity appearances.

Cannabis Cup Trophy

High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine© is the print publication that literally created the cannabis beat, way back in 1974. Doing business as “HIGH TIMES®.” it has since published more than 500 issues, with digital distribution of the print magazine beginning in 2008.

High Times Magazine Cover

Dope Magazine

In 2018, High Times acquired Dope Magazine, the second largest publication within the cannabis space. With a strong audience of recently-of-age consumers, Dope Magazine comes to life through print, digital media, and events, and helps the High Times brand resonate with a younger audience.

Dope Magazine Cover

Culture Magazine

On June 9, 2018, we purchased assets from Culture Magazine™, a print and online magazine founded in 2009 that provides information and entertainment for medical-cannabis patients. This free monthly historically reaches older demographics, from empty-nesters to elders, which is one of the largest growing market segments of cannabis consumers.

Culture Magazine Cover

Green Rush Daily

High Times reached an exclusive agreement to manage all online advertising sales for Green Rush Daily, an online publication providing daily news and business information relating to the cannabis sector, including guides, strain and product reviews, and health news.

Green Rush Daily Logo


High Times Moving Forward

Events Graph

High Times’ vision is to continue representing the cannabis community, in part by cultivating the ultimate cannabis experience at both our Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Editions and within our retail stores and properties.

One part of that strategy is launching the High Times delivery service in the summer of 2020 in the state of California with a team of highly experienced operators.

Another part of that strategy is building on our strong authority and presence online to shape how cannabis is found and sold around the world. Cannabis has such a rich culture, and as this plant goes mainstream it will be increasingly important to maintain its roots.

Our domain authority and SEO ranking with and our various other properties puts us in a position to not only remain a leading provider of cannabis content, but to become a leading seller of cannabis products as well.

Monthly Users Graph

What's in it for me?


Shares of High Times

Assumes 11:1 forward split which has been approved and is effective at closing of offering.

We believe that investing in cannabis should be open to everyone, not just those with brokerage accounts. Through the stock offering, you can become an investor in High Times for just $550 using your credit/debit card, ACH/Wire through your bank account or your IRA account. Invest before our public listing on the OTCQX. Check out our investor perks, ranging from a framed early-investor certificates to limited products and once-in-a-lifetime event opportunities.

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The most trusted and recognizable brand in the cannabis industry

Meet the Team

Adam Levin


Adam is the founder and Managing Director at Oreva Capital. He has a passion for helping companies accelerate through strategic business development and execution of M&A strategies. He has deep expertise in the fields of mobile, social networking, entertainment and venture capital. Adam is a featured speaker at CES, MIPTV, MONY Conference, CTIA, Wireless Influencers, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Fortune, Bloomberg and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has appeared on CNN, NPR, MSNBC, HBO and Fox News.



    David is a corporate finance executive and CPA offering over 20 years of experience building, leading, and advising corporations and start-ups through complex transactions, operational set-up, restruc...

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    VP of Events

    Sameen Ahmad has been with High Times for over 2 years and serves as the Vice President of Events. She manages and produces High Times events from top to bottom around the country. Sameen has previous...

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  • Colin Conway


    Since October 2016, Mr. Conway has been a managing director of Oreva Capital Corp., a Los Angeles based merchant bank focused on making direct investments in diversified, private operating companies....

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    Justin Ehrlich is a partner in VE Equities LLC, a full-service real estate company, and Churchill Real Estate Holdings LLC, a platform offering short term debt products. He has completed over $10 bill...

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  • Eleanora Kennedy


    Eleanora Kennedy has been on the board of High Times for the past four decades and has been a consultant to the company for just as long. Additionally, she is a published writer and accomplished inter...

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  • Colleen Manley


    Colleen Manley has served as a director of High Times Holding Corp. since March 2017 and for the past five years has served as a director of Trans-High Corporation....

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  • Stormy Simon

  • Jackee Stang

    Vice President Content & Programming
  • David Peck

    VP Strategy & Business Development

    Prior to his tenure at HighTimes, David was the Director of Digital Operations at Sock Panda LLC where he grew revenues through corporate partnerships with Facebook, Girl Scouts of America and Amazon....

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  • Mark Glover

    Vice President of Sales
  • Maxx Abramowitz

  • Mike Gianakos

    Editor in Chief
  • Danny Danko

    Senior Cultivation Editor
  • Sean Cooley

    Content Director
  • Frank Max

    Art Director
  • Leo Rechetniak

    Social Media Manager
  • Ab Hanna

  • Chloé Harper Gold

  • Taylor Bush

    Manager of Advertising Operations
  • Mark Kazinec

    Business Development Manager
  • Daniella Segal

    Director Of Business Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Investing Basics

  • How do I invest in HighTimes Holding Corp (High Times)?

    1) Click here
    2) Fill out the registration form
    3) Select "Company" or "Individual"
    4) Fill out your investor profile and confirm the details
    5) Select your investment amount and payment information
    6) Sign and submit the subscription agreement
    7) Welcome to the High Times investor community :)
    Please, make sure to read the offering circular (here), which details all the terms of this offering, before making an investment.
  • What is the investment minimum?

    The minimum investment is $550, which amounts to 50 shares. Upon the 11:1 forward split which has been approved and shall be effective at the closing of the offering this will become 550 shares.
  • What methods of payment are allowed?

    Credit/Debit Card, ACH, Wire or IRA Account.
  • What is the cut-off date for this offering?

    The offering currently closes on Sept. 30th, 2021.
  • What is a forward Stock Split?

    A forward stock split increases the overall number of shares a shareholder owns by giving everyone an equivalent number of shares. If you owned 9 shares previously, you will own 99 shares after the forward stock split, with the same overall dollar value.

Offering details

  • How much capital is High Times looking to raise?

    High Times is looking to raise the maximum allowed under the Regulation A+ offering of $50,000,000.
  • What is a subscription agreement?

    A subscription agreement is a legal contract between you and High Times to purchase shares. This purchase of stock is a one-time event. No recurring payments will be withdrawn from you.
  • What are the funds being used for?

    Funds from this offering are being used for continued corporate operations, growth, and expansion. Please, visit our ‘Opportunity Section’ in our offering curricular for more details on our plans for the future.
  • Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or live in the U.S. to invest?

    No, our offering is open to international investors as well.
  • Is there a market for trading my shares?

    We are presently in the process of applying to have our stock listed on an exchange under the ticker symbol “HITM.” The application is currently under review and we are actively working to answer any questions it may have. However, there is no guarantee that we will be successful in obtaining an exchange listing.

Post Offering

  • What happens after I invest?

    After escrow closes, the shares will be issued to you via V-Stock, our transfer agent. At that point, you can transfer them to your brokerage account or have them delivered to you. We will also keep you updated via email and social media with important updates throughout the campaign so be sure to stay connected.
  • Will High Times list on a public exchange?

    We have applied to be listed on an exchange under the ticker symbol “HITM” in success of our Regulation A+ offering.
  • Once the offering closes, how do I go about transferring my shares to my brokerage account?

    After the offering closes, the shares will be issued to you via V-Stock, our transfer agent.
  • Can I sell my shares in the future?

    Yes, you can sell your shares to private parties. We’ve also applied to have our shares listed on an exchange. If we are successful in obtaining an exchange listing, you would then be able to trade your stock freely. However, there is no guarantee that we will be successful in obtaining an exchange listing. There is no lock-up period for the shares you are purchasing in this offering.
  • What happens if I do not have a brokerage account?

    If you do not have a brokerage account, you can open one with online brokerages such as TD Ameritrade or E-Trade. You do not need a brokerage account to buy shares, but you will need one if you want to trade them.
  • How do I contact High Times?

    For any questions about our offering, please reach us at [email protected], or call us at 323-417-8263. You can also message us on the site.

Equity Crowdfunding

  • What is the Jobs Act?

    The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, to encourage funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations. The JOBS Act required the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adopt rules to implement a new exemption that would allow businesses to accept contributions from private individuals without making an initial public offering.
  • What is Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding?

    In June 2015, the final "Regulation A+" rules under Title IV of the JOBS Act became effective, after approval by the SEC, paving the way for companies like High Times to solicit their raise of up to $50 million from both accredited and non-accredited investors.
  • What does it mean that the SEC has qualified this offering?

    "The SEC has qualified this offering" means the SEC has permitted Hightimes Holding Corp (High Times) to offer for sale the securities described in the offering circular to investors such as you. The SEC is not judging the merits, accuracy, or completeness of the offering and information in the offering circular. Rather, the SEC is merely ensuring Hightime Holding Corp. has met federal legal disclosure and regulatory requirements necessary to make these shares available to you.
  • Who can invest in a Regulation A+ offering?

    Anyone, accredited and non-accredited investors alike, are eligible to purchase securities in a Regulation A+ offering.
  • What is the difference between an accredited and a non-accredited investor?

    An accredited investor is an individual who makes over $200,000 per year ($300,000 if combined with a spouse) or who has a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding their primary residence. A non-accredited investor is anyone who does not meet the net worth requirements for an accredited investor.
  • How much money can I invest in a Regulation A+ offering?

    Non-accredited investors can invest up to 10% of the greater of their annual income or net worth. There are no restrictions for accredited investors.

Technical Questions

  • I am having trouble entering my information on my mobile device, is there anything I can do?

    If you’re having difficulty inputting your information via mobile, we recommend completing your investment on a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Why does my status in my profile, "Not Received” after I purchased shares and my ACH payment has been processed?

    Your investment is in progress. Our plan is to process all investments together in bulk before the offering closes. At that point, the status on your investor dashboard will update.
  • How is my information protected?

    We have partnered with Fund America, the leading investment transaction engine, so that you may safely and securely invest on our site.
  • Is it possible to get a refund?

    Once shares are purchased refunds will not be issued.

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